The Two Concepts Of Saas And Cloud Computing

When we are talking about software as a service or SaaS as well as cloud computing, these are computed concepts that are similar. Both are known to work on different machines and platforms and are not based on program installation on computer drives. The users of these technologies are able to access them easily and can migrate from one type of program to another. While both technologies are similar in essence, SaaS refers to a broad category of service based program applications while cloud computing is one specific category in it.

Similarities and differences
With regard to SaaS and cloud computing, there are certain differences and similarities as well. For instance, the way data backup is done is different in both. You can refer to the IT managed services Br

isbane in order to know how data backup is done. In case of cloud computing, the data backup is done as per a set period while SaaS might not offer automatic backup of data. Control is greater at the end of cloud computing as the cloud server access is provided in the cloud computing application users more.

Common features
The main distinguishing feature in both technologies is that users are given access to applications or software without having to install any form of software on their computer. The access to different software programs are provided through the internet platform. Users access the SaaS or the cloud server by going online. Many companies are offering similar access to their customers or users and guide them through the IT help desk Melbourne, contact tech experts.

Migration features
Another similarity between the two technologies is the migration from one computer system to another. Usually, migration from one computer to another would involve getting the data backup from the old machine to the new one with the assistance of IT managed services Brisbane, at However, if files and applications are stored on cloud services, it is easy to migrate the services and applications as the access remains the same, through the internet browser and with an internet connection.

Selling of these services
When cloud services are being marketed, they are actually being sold as SaaS. Many people are unable to tell the difference between the two technologies. Cloud computing is a concept that appeals to individual customers who are looking to have extra storage space as well as ease of accessing different files and folders or sharing the same. SaaS on the other hand, are services and solutions for cloud systems that appeal to businesses. For those who are looking for virtual solutions which will help them to free up their data space on their computers as well as be able to secure their files and provide access to others, the cloud computing technology comes of use. One can look up reviews of different service providers and decide on the right service to join up.

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