Cloud Technology – A Boon To Manage Data


In the era of volumes of data being churned by small and large companies alike, it is indispensable to have a supporting technology that takes care of maintenance and storage activities of data and its applications. Over the recent years there has been a plethora of developments spanning the world of information technology with companies putting in more money in these advancements to stay ahead of the competition. As the digital market gets more and more matured, social, mobile and analytics are gaining increased importance as never before. Data is everywhere and hence the need for a centralized storage ecosystem is of crucial importance. Today’s data is not anymore limited to internal data assets, rather it comes from multiple sources – mobile, online, point of sale and everywhere you can possibly think of.

Based on a recent news report in a leading daily, a conglomerate has predicted that products of a leading brand will grow by 30% of revenue in the coming 2 years. Out of the various business functions, finance has been perhaps the most sceptical to adopt cloud computing despite cost efficiencies.

Cloud technology allows through the usage of the Internet and some central remote servers, its consumers and businesses have access to applications and personal files at any workstation. The mode of centralized data storage along with processing abilities lends a great bandwidth thereby pushing the efficiency frontiers. Be it the yahoo messenger or any of the mail accounts we use, all of these use cloud computing in Brisbane enabling us to send and receive mails from any and everywhere in no time.

The 3 broad segments of cloud technologies or computing are – application, storage and connectivity. There are public an
d private clouds as well. While the former is more applicable when organizations are in the need to share infrastructure out of common requirements thereby making this investment more economically beneficial, the latter allows users to access applications securely and privately and is often accessible through smart phones. Get to know more about the latest technologies and services offered for businesses over here

The industry witnesses a paradigm shift and is on its way to change the way in which most elements in the computer industry works. Software companies, hardware manufacturing units as well as ISPs (internet service providers) are all on the verge of major changes adapting to this new trend. With the highly global nature of cloud services, security concerns have been a major area of concern time around. You can observe an impressive growth especially in the private cloud adoption space which is symbolic of the promising outlook of this industry over the coming years. While this industry is on a spree to cross new frontiers and surge along the waves of development, the primary challenge confronting such services is the lack of resources and expertise to grab full benefits of it.

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